lost & found.

Thought I'd post some of my finds recently.  I've become picky with my vintage finds only because I end up collecting a lot so here are just some recent treasures.  The plate pictured is a Figgjo, a Turi Design and I bought it because my sister has some of their pieces at home.  I don't know if their hard to find or not I just thought it was funny that I remembered the design not knowing what it was.  I love the bowl and it's design, the mushroom print is amazing.  It's a Kaj Franck design from the 1960's, it has the original stamp of FINEL made in Finland on the bottom.  I hope to find more of that stuff.  The containers beside it were very retro and great for the bathroom or kitchen.  Looking for this stuff is hit and miss but I have a pretty good eye so I love it when it's a hit.


  1. That particular Turi design is hard to find indeed! I have a few pieces from the Market line, which is more common.

  2. I HATE YOU !!!!- oh my birthday is coming up - hmmm would make a good present....:)