I'm alive!  It's been awhile since I wrote on here and there's been a few things that has been going on since my last post.  

1.  I've been in BELL HELL for the last 7 days and I am currently posting this blog at a downtown Starbucks a'la Carrie Bradshaw circa 2001.

2. I am FINALLY moved and thank you to those that helped or offered us to move.

3. I am extending my giveaway until JULY 9th 2009. (my opening date) so get your COMMENTS in!

4. My opening at bookhou is on July 9th from 5-7PM so please drop by if you're in the hood and check out my capsule collection of bags.

5. I am sooooo itching to go to NYC and I really want to visit this if it's still up.  This orginal Keith Haring mural that was done almost 20 years ago in Lower East Side of NYC was recreated in memory of Keith Haring's 50th birthday.  Hopefully, I will get to go see it.  I also posted this mural that was in my Gossip Girl post.

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