marc jacobs for less.

The end of an era for me I guess.  I haven't seen anything for the past few Marc Jacobs or Marc by: Marc Jacobs line that I love.  It seems as though my taste has changed or MJ is just a bit more invested with Louis Vuitton these days.  He currently has his "special items" line which is a few things here and there that are specifically cheaper and targeted for those younger customers who want a piece of MJ.  Recently Marc launched "Don't Miss The Marc" which I believe is a capsule collection of cheaper items for his MBMJ line.  Jeans, Tees, blazers are in the mix and all under $200.  We'll see if MJ can continue his line and maybe do collaboration where everyone will go bananas.

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  1. too teeny boppery!! honestyly, if this stuff wasnt associated with mj, I would think it was from ardene.