grace coddington.

* last minute shoot styled by Grace.
*Caroline Trentini, model.

I finally watched The September Issue. After months of waiting and false release dates, sold out shows in Toronto I just thought I'd watch it anyways. Besides all the drama that went around with me trying to view this movie I gave in and watched it anyways (not in theatres) Anyways, I loved this film and of course Grace Coddington creative director of Vogue. I mean, the film centred around Anna Wintour but I truly believed that Grace brought humanity, depth and artistry to what she does at Vogue. Go see the film however you need to see it, I did.

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  1. Yes I did and Grace Coddington shone through. I still think of her from time to time - she made an impact because she has such a beautiful calm personality - unique. Would love to meet her one day.