weekend style issue #2.

* Hyoni Kang.

* Hye Park.

* Du Juan.

* Tao Okamoto.

It is no secret that I follow models. I have my favourite picks and they're all my favourite in their own right. I like the upcoming "it" girls that dominate the runway and editorial pages each season. What makes an "it" girl? There are many ways to make an "it" girl model. They can simply be designers favourite some seasons or girls that stand out on their own. It is no secret that diversity on the runways are slim to none when casting for major shows each season. Some designers will make it apparent to cast models of different ethnic backgrounds and some will have a few here and there. These girls that I picked have nabbed many shows and editorial spots and some have even inspired designers to do a show or a collection based on them like Tao Okamoto's haircut did for Phillip Lim. Here are my picks, Tao Okamoto, Du Juan, Hye Park and Hyoni Kang. Hopefully there will be more diverse representation in the future and things will change slowly in the fashion industry. Girls like Tao could open more doors for asian models in mainstream fashion. It's a slow step towards a more diverse industry.

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