cookies by: davis.

* Caramel Coconut cookie jar.

I am a secret baker for all of you who don't know. I love baking when I get the chance. I put together a cookie jar for some last minute gifts. I got some jars at The Workroom and piled 12 yummy cookies and decorated lines by: davis. style with some signature grey ribbon and my owl wood plate. I think making something adds a personal touch to your gift giving this year. I will make some more cookie jars and will be selling the gift jars for anyone who is interested in a quick personal handmade gift. Look out for these cookie jars in the New Year. The cookies made is a recipe of mine along with other yummy recipes I have. The cookies featured are caramel coconut. Eat your heart out Martha!


  1. YUMMY! coconut is seriously my favourite.

  2. i like the ribbon colour choice. ;-) and i like your cupcakes. yes.

  3. how do you know about my cupcakes?