mast brothers chocolate.

I've been gearing up for my chocolate making and I've been obsessed with chocolate packaging. Mast Brothers Chocolate in Brooklyn, NY are a full on chocolate factory making onsite chocolate and selling them in their storefront. I can appreciate the work and detail that goes into making chocolate just like any other craft. I've been busy sorting out details for my chocolates and I hope they turn out delicious and look cute for you guys. Here are some of their packaging from Mast Brothers Chocolate.


  1. your chocolates are amazing! i meant to open them yesterday when the girls were around, but i forgot. i opened them today when i was alone and they are almost all gone. yum! thanks so much davis.

  2. I love love Mast Brothers packaging - I was obsessed with it and a friend's mom had some sent to me from relatives in the U.S. - it's so good!

  3. thanks karyn, I'm glad you enjoyed them. there will be more sweets to come!