nick knight.

I recently got the new Nick Knight photography book for Christmas and I am so excited that I have this book full of Nick Knight's work in fashion and other projects. I discovered Nick Knight's work in the mid 90's when he did work for Bjork and Alexander McQueen. It wasn't until this photo of Devon Aoki styled in Alexander McQueen and styled similar to Bjork's Homogenic cover also shot by Nick. It has and been my favourite Nick Knight photograph ever since. It is coincidentally the cover of his book Nick Knight. I also missed the photo spread he did for Vogue UK for their 2008 December issue. Here are some of the work I missed.


  1. hello! Im a girl from sweden and have a school project about random clothing styles. And when i saw Devon Akoi in a book i started to google and found your blogg. Its hard to find any facts about the style. And i hardly find any pictures. Maybe you know a little more? If you do, can you please mail me? It looks so cool and i would realy like to do a school project about that collection. And maybe if you have more pictures can you mail them too?
    Here is my mail: carrohonibussen@hotmail.com