thank you.

Thank you for all the lovely people who came out to The Workroom this Sunday and came by my table. There were plenty of chocolates being bought that day and I am glad that I didn't have any leftover to bring home. If you are interested in chocolate gift sets or anything chocolate related, please email me for more information and special orders. Thank you to my sister Anna who packaged all the bars. It literally was a chocolate factory at my house. I have respect to any chocolatiers and candy makers, it is a true craft! See you at the next show.


  1. I hope you set aside some for me - sorry I was too busy to come.

  2. Hi,

    Im sorry I missed your show ;(
    Looks like Bruce County has some stiff competition on there hands. they look fabulous, love your packaging.

  3. Oh, can you put a card/postcard aside for me. I want to buy one for k.

  4. I will put a card aside. You missed out on some good chocolates. Maybe I can be a flavour consultant for Bruce County?