weekend style issue #13.

There's probably not much left to be said about Mr McQueen. The fashion media, bloggers and fans around the world had their own opinions and thoughts already the day he died. I've probably blogged about him here and there since I started this blog and it's so sad that the future of the McQueen label seems bleak. After discovering his work in the mid 90's after he had just shown his graduation show I was bitten by the McQueen bug. It wasn't until 97 I saw one of his shows and became literally obsessed. Not knowing him personally his work seem to transcend a visual connection to me and through the years I've been connected. Whatever happens to the McQueen label I am glad that I've taken the journey he has shown us through his work. I'm sure there will be many retrospective shows in the future and I hope to visit it soon. Goodbye, Mr. McQueen.

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