muji picks.

* multi-coloured pencil crayons.

* cardboard speakers in black.

* wooden city in a bag, new york city.

* canvas tote bag.

I really wish that Muji would open in Canada. Like everything else that is cool it's unlikely that we'll see a Muji arriving in Canada. I discovered Muji years ago in France and England and I love the simplicity and functional items that they sell. They currently expanded since the last time I ventured in a Muji store. They now have more food/cooking items, clothing/maternity wear, kids stuff and they even build houses now. A cute Muji home would be nice. Here are my Muji picks.

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  1. i was just at muji last week and got the blocks. i want it here too, and target. rodarte and liberty of london had cute stuff, they even had jean paul gaultier