post momofuku.

* momofuku's milk bar
cornflake marshmallow cookie.

* spicy squid.

* momofuku's pork bun.

* crispy boston lettuce.

* korean sides, kimchi.
* saucy.

* pork belly.

* bo ssam.

* the pages of momofuku cookbook.

I am still recovering from last nights dinner, in a good way. I got the chance to help out my friend Vern try out some of Momofuku's delicious recipes and it was very well received. I haven't personally gone to NY and visited David Chang's restaurant but I think Vern had made it as close as possible and it was pretty amazing. Vern made the very famous pork buns which were pretty labour and time intensive. Rolling out dough, rise, cut dough, ball dough, rise, flatten dough, roll out dough, rise and then steam. It was like an assembly line in a Korean restaurant. The pork belly was cooked perfectly and the sweet, spicy sauces to add were so delicious. Having more than a few pork buns the main event, Bo Ssam which was so mouth watering. Filling up the crisp Boston lettuce with shredded pork shoulder and adding more sauces were so addictive. On top of the Bo Ssam we had traditional Korean sides of course. I didn't think I would be hungry after devouring all that pork we finished off the meal with some Momofuku Milk Bar Cornflake Marshmallow Cookies. The original recipe is not in print and I don't blame them but there are a few variations on what the "original" cookie tastes like. I think Vern gotten close to what they were because the crispy crunch of the cornflakes were so milky and malt like. It was probably one of my favourite dinners that I had the chance to help make with Vern. Simple, flavourful and social is always a great combination for a great dinner party. P.S. Vern, you need to open your restaurant already! I've already told you that I'll be there with you rolling out pork bun dough with you.


  1. looks amazing, davis!! I'm obsessed with this book too: I made the pork buns a couple weeks ago, and have gone through several batches of the cornflake cookies. You should try the chicken wings and the cereal milk panna cotta next! The bo ssam looks really good - that will definitely be next on my list :)