hoof cafe.

* pork belly pastrami.

* suckling pig benny.

* after, pork ribs.
* baked beans and links.

* before, pork ribs.

* cherry jam marrow doughnuts.

* hoof cafe.

It started with brunch. I had one of those unplanned days where one thing lead to the next which was so fun. I had a potluck dinner the night before and my friend Vern who is my foodie buddy wanted to make plans for Saturday. As per usual food seemed to be on our minds and we wanted to try Hoof Cafe on Dundas Street. I've heard whispers of things on the menu and she had already been wanting to go so we set the next day to meet at 10am at Hoof. 9:57am had arrived and Vern, Joe her partner and myself were the first ones there. I don't know if it was the morning or the eagerness to eat but we were even surprised to be up that early for brunch. I am a lover of food and no means a food critic, foodie, whatever you want to call it, I have appreciation for food. I think the photos above will pretty much let you know how good the food is because I will just go on and on. Let's just say Vern and I will be hopefully starting a food blog so you can read our food adventures, dinners, places to eat etc. Look out for that soon. It was the most religious experience I had at brunch and you will probably see Vern and I there again soon for brunch. Thanks again Joe!


  1. That looks amazing! I'd love to see a Davis-style food blog. I seriously consider eating in restaurants the best part of being a grown up (although I can only afford the cheapies!).

  2. hopefully my food blog will speak to a broad range of readers and I want to show people real food, real recipes and real appreciation for food and hopefully have readers who get my point of view. it will be a fun challenge and something different. look for it soon!