I finally did it and started my Etsy shop.  I give total respect to all you Etsy folks because I did not know how much work goes into this.  My Etsy shop is still under construction but I am getting a handle on it now.  Anyhow, I am also working on stuff for my show next week-end and hopefully the weather will beautiful day of shopping in The Beach.  I will be showcasing my new work along with some special stuff for the show.  As a special treat, my sister of bookhou will be showing her stuff also.  Those of of you who love lines by: davis & bookhou be sure to come visit us next week-end.  I will post more details in the next few days.  Other than that I've been pretty busy so I hope to see you next week-end.  Check out my Etsy shop or stop by the show!  See you then.

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  1. congrats on opening your shop! It looks great! Your screen prints really pop out on the bright fabrics! I look forward to seeing more :)