beach motel.

2183 Lakeshore Blvd.

I've been obsessed with this Motel for awhile. I think it's the chairs and the fact that it still looks like something from the 70's. If you drive along the Lakeshore you will see motels along the strip some long gone from the condo development and some that are still operating. Great for out of town people who are taking a road trip to Toronto and it's pretty close to the downtown core. I find it weird that motel culture is not huge here in Toronto/Canada since there were so many retro looking ones that could be cute boutique style. Our American counterpart down south seem to embrace motel culture both new and old and I hope one day that someone would rebuild a retro inspired one in Toronto by the lake.


  1. steal some chairs and drive off!!!

  2. i love that motel and those chairs. i always wanted to stop there.

  3. As of June 1st, 2011, the Beach Motel will cease to exist. The family has decided to sell to developers under pressure from the city. Their property taxes were arbitrarily assessed this year at rates that were determined as if they were a lakefront condo complex [with no luck at appeal], and soared from $80,000 to $380,000...!

    So, while we may wistfully look at this mid-20C gem as we drive by, feeling its pull as a symbol of a culture that is quietly being shown the door... and while we would have loved the idea of staying there to soak up something of that nostalgic appeal, the possibility of The Beach being resurrected as a truly delightful boutique experience has been lost to the force majeure of the almighty buck.

    This is how the twentieth-century will be dismantled: piece-by-piece; quietly; with no lament.